Excellent performance, great support, high rewards, and helping others

Our Partnership

Since 9th Nov 2020 we are cooperating with BavarianStakePool (ticker BYADA). This will increase our total delegation amount and help us to produce more frequent and higher rewards for all!
This partnership will be in place until the network parameters allow for a larger number of effective pools. Scheduled March 2021.


Our Goals and Strengths

Decentralization and Security

We want to contribute to the decentralization of Cardano. We believe that a network with many high-quality pools strengthens the network and supports the single pool alliance (SPA).

Reliable and Fair

Rest assured that when delegating to our pool, you will always get your rewards. Our fees are fair and you get a pool with support and solid infrastructure for it.


Our many years of experience with hardware and software ensures that the pool will always be running smoothly (see about us)

Charity Projects

We will always support different charity projects with a percentage of pool net income. Your rewards are of course not affected.



Currently 5 cloud servers (relays), 1 bare metal server (producer) and 1 backup server guarantee reliability and  performance of the pool.

800k ADA


Our high pledge demonstrates our commitment. We hope to continually increase our pledge in the future also..

340 ADA

FIXED FEE (allowed minimum)

Every stake pool has to charge this minimum fee. Our ongoing promotions and incentives give this Ada back to you the delegators!



It covers running cost and is invested in new infrastructure and charity projects.


Our Projects

One of the key motivations behind Cardano is to provide economic identity to the billions of people that do not have one today. In order to support this motivation we decided to sponsor a child through the 'SOS-Kinderdorf e.V.'