Our Background

We discovered Cardano (ADA) in 2017. From this moment on, we were fascinated of the project and the team developing it (IOHK and Emurgo). We possess a professional technical background ourselves and run our own small company in the field of electronics development. 

We followed the development of Cardano with great interest and decided to support the decentralization with our own stake pool. 



For our relays we are utilizing cloud servers from Amazon as well as from a second provider. This is ensuring the required redundancy in case one provider is experiencing issues.

The block producer itself is running on our own hardware, protected by a commercial grade firewall, UPS and raid. The only connection to the outside world is to our relays. It's currently running on a server equipped with Intel Xeon cpu, 4 cores, 8 GB ECC DDR4 RAM and  1 TB of disc space. In addition, we are operating a backup server for the block producer as well.


Join us!