*** Our November Promotion ***

In October, our pool successfully managed to attract enough stake to produce on average 1 block every epoch; as our servers are operating flawlessly at 100% performance. Still, this is not sufficient for stable operation as our absolute stake is still quite low.

We decided as a sign of appreciation for our existing delegators and to attract new delegators we will be distributing following awards during November.

>>> Every Epoch <<<

The top delegator of our pool gets 100 bonus ADA every epoch

In addition, 100 bonus ADA are given to one of our >50k ADA delegates (lottery)

Terms and conditions:

  1. The first awards will be distributed on November 10th and thereafter every 5 days
  2. Only stake keys that delegate at least 50.000 ADA active stake qualify for this promotion
  3. The top delegator also participates in the 100 ADA lottery, so in theory he/she could get both
  4. We will announce the two winning stake keys towards the end of every epoch via Twitter and in our telegram channel
  5. The awards will be sent to the addr1* addresses that are linked with the winning stake keys
Help us to become an attractive stake pool for the ecosystem and receive a reward for it!

The judges' decision is final and legally binding.