*** Special October Promotion ***

(closed for new participants)

Despite the fact that our new pool is very well maintained, runs on solid hardware with backup servers and that we offer a very competitive fee of only 1%, we experienced the difficulty to attract new delegates to ramp up consistent block production.

We would like to change that with the following promotion,

The top delegate of our pool during October receives 1000 ADA.

Moreover, we will award another 500 ADA to one of our >10k ADA delegates (lottery)

Common terms and conditions for both awards:

  1. The last chance to participate is if you start your delegation before epoch 224 (Oct. 17th, 2020 at 9:45pm GMT). You need to participate at least for two epochs.
  2. Keep delegated amount at least until Nov 2nd, 2020.
  3. If you lower your delegated amount at anytime after your initial delegation, you are excluded from this promotion and cannot receive an award.
  4. One stake key can only receive one award.
  5. Stake keys with less than 10.000 ADA are excluded from the 500 ADA award.
  6. We will announce the two winning stake keys on Nov. 3rd, 2020 via Twitter, on this webpage and in our telegram channel.
  7. The awards will be sent to the addr1* addresses that are linked with the winning stake keys.

Additional terms and conditions for top delegate award:

  1. Epochs 221 - 226 are used to determine the top delegate of October.
  2. For optimum chances you should start your delegation to our pool before epoch 221 (Oct. 2nd, 2020 at 9:45pm GMT). The later you start the higher your delegation has to be.
  3. The stake key that had in total the highest amount delegated during those epochs will win.
    If you had 50k delegated during epochs 221-224 and 100k during epochs 225-226, your delegation score is 400 (= 4x 50 + 2x 100). 
  4. You may increase your delegated amount at anytime to improve your chances of winning.

Help in us becoming an attractive stake pool for the Cardano ecosystem and receive a reward for it!

The judges' decision is final and legally binding.

Top Delegates

The table below shows the current top 3 delegates of our pool. 1k of delegated ADA yields 1 score point per epoch. At the end of the promo (6 epochs), the staking key with highest total score will get the reward.

Rank Stake key Current stake Total score
1 24edb1362e97b214f9213bb89f7ca9544d2727cc11b72b0badbefff0 483k ADA 482
2 ce84030c2f88705689a42b4e39f22be8e72c3b221e826fda1034c600 151k ADA 453
3 b3c08315eaf35e080dcb1cd94f48aca25c17aefa62ee011fb566bd88 91k ADA 273

(updated October 18th, 2020 - final score for 3 epochs out of 6)